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Brian star on the ice !



Brian Joubert first started skating at the age of 4. He followed his older sisters to the rink. He first wanted to play hockey but later on switched to figure skating because of the jumping. He took part in many competitions and he was a very promising skater with a lot of potential right from the start. When he was 6 or 7, Veronique Guyon-Desgardins noticed his ability, but he wasn't like the top skaters that she worked with. Veronique was his first coach ever.

However, Brian decided to move on and now trains with Laurent Depouilly. At age 18, he represented France at the 2002 Europeans and placed 3rd. He also represented France at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics finished 14. He then went to Worlds in Nagano and placed 13. The 2001-2002 season was a learning year for Brian and he gained many experience at those competitions.

Following with the 2002-2003 year, Brian placed a surprising 1st place at Skate America, and many thought resembled Alexei Yagudin! Brian also skated at the Trophée Lalique where he was flooded with pressure. Despite some mistakes, he finished 5th. These two internationals allowed him to proceed into the 2003 Grand Prix Final in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was his first time ever skating in the Grand Prix Final and he won the bronze medal behind Russians Plushenko and Klimkin! With some confidence he skated in his 2nd Worlds and finished a respectable 6th.

From all these placings, Brian has shown us that the 2003-2004 year would be a good one. Although he did struggle at some competitions early on the season, he finished a 2nd at Cup of China, 4th places at Trophée Lalique and NHK Trophy. Even though Brian did not make it to that year's Grand Prix Final, he went home and had a secret weapon behind him. He had Alexei Yagudin, the 2002 Olympic Champion, coach him. Alexei worked with him and Laurent on jumping and watched Brian compete at the 2004 French Nationals, where he was crowned king again. Prior to the Worlds that year, Brian beat Russian Evgeny Plushenko for the gold medal at the Europeans, landing a quad toe and a quad toe-triple toe combination. Brian fought for everything there and went to the 2004 Worlds with confidence higher than everyone else's. 2004 Worlds was one of Brian's greatest performance. Even though Evgeny won, some people thought that Brian should have won the gold since Evgeny fell on a silly loop entrance and tripped. Brian skated just like he did at the Europeans, but held back a little. Finally, Brian's season rounded up with the 2004 Marshall's competition. Again, Brian did all that he could but the judges are obviously telling him that he'll have to wait in the future.

Brian Joubert is what defines MEN'S figure skating.


Full name - Brian Joubert
Full name in French - Briant Joubert
Pronounced like - BRI-an zhoo-BERT
Nicknames - Babou
Birthdate - September 20th, 1984
Birthplace - Poitiers, France
Birth stone - Sapphire
Birth flower - Aster
Hair - Dark brown
Nationality - French
Ethnicity - French
Eyes - Gray
Height - 5' 9"/1.75 m
Father - Jean-Michel Joubert
Mother - Raymonde Joubert
Sisters - Sarah (30) and Alexandra (28)
Marital status - single
Pets - "Blade" (?), a blonde and white bulldog

On-ice statistics

Started skating - 3 years old
Olympic status - amateur/elligible
2004 ISU World standing - 2nd
2003 World standing - 14th
Representing - France

Other statistics

Coaches -
Veronique Guyon (1986-2003)
Laurent Depoulliy (2003-present)
Alexei Yagudin (2003-present)

Choreographers -
Nikolai Morozov (2002-2003)
Alexei Yagudin (2003-present)
Tatiana Tarasova (2004-present)

Residences -
Poitiers, France (1983-present)